Products to lengthen and populate Eyelashes

We can consider that eyelash hypotrichosis is suffered when the amount of eyelashes we have is much less than what is considered normal, so it is always advisable to use products to help the growth of the eyelashes.

Lashes are necessary and have a very specific function of protecting the eye, the sun, dehydration, dust, etc. Although you can also use these types of products for aesthetics, long and thick lashes favor more.

There are several causes of hypotrichosis, such as an autoimmune disease such as alopecia areata, infections, hormonal problems such as thyroid problems, chemotherapy and others, or simply for hereditary reasons.There are many different products to improve eyelashes, stimulants, conditioners, these products are stimulating the follicles to make more eyelashes grow. They contain oils, peptides, biotin and other vitamins, those containing prostaglandins have been removed from the market so they are now all safe.

Why there are so many different products with different prices?

Really from 15 to 200 USD we find all kinds of products. Of the most economical is Careprost or Lumigan, a traditional Bimatoprost product, applying castor oil directly is also a very economical option.

It is not the same to use a basic product as it can be a moisturizer to another that also contains components such as vitamins, biotin. In the price, they influence not only the components they carry, but also the brand and the container, whether or not it has an applicator and the type.

I would lean towards products that do not contain parabens, as natural as possible. The other totally different alternative is to use the only drug approved for use in eyelash hypotrichosis, which is bimatoprost (Latisse, only in the USA) or in a master formula with latanoprost.

DO they WORK? HOW?

This type of products act in two directions or actions.

One, so as to lengthen the growth phase of the follicles, which grow lashes for longer.

The second action is to improve the strengthening of the eyelashes and prevent them from breaking or falling, for this they must provide nutrients and other ingredients that help these two actions, such as provitamin B5, moisturizers.


  • It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and read the leaflet before applying, many of these products should not be applied to the lower part of the eye.
  • It is best to first clean the eyes, remove makeup if it is worn and contact lenses if necessary.
  • If the products are a cream type with an applicator like the mascara. Other products should be applied on the upper eyelid in the line of the eyelashes with the applicator brush .
  • It is important to take hygiene into account at the time of application. The applicators are easy to contaminate, and that is why Latisse carry different disposable brushes for each application.
  • The creams or serum can be applied with the applicator, or with a cotton stick that should be thrown away or disposed of each time if we choose this option. With the fingers, we can finish distributing in the length of the eyelashes or the eyebrows.
  • If we use a serum-type product, it can be applied by the lengths of the eyelashes to strengthen and thicken them. You can make up your eyes once the product is no longer perceived.

Quantity to apply?

Generally, they should be applied for at least 6 weeks, daily, I prefer to advise doing it every night.

Almost all are applied once a day , but everything depends on the potency and the concentration of the ingredients, which is recommended twice a day.

They must be applied daily, in fact the constancy in the application of the products is the key to their effectiveness. Once or twice a day depending on the product and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For How long it takes to see the results

Since the eyelash cycle is approximately 6 weeks , this is the period in which the maximum effect should be noted. The first effect that is noticed is the thickening of the lashes, more flexible and dark . As it is applied daily and the days go by, the eyelashes should lengthen when stimulating growth. By nourishing the follicle it should also stimulate the growth of new eyelashes.

Do Eyelashes fall once I stop using it?

While these products are being used, the eyelashes are more dense and thicker. The eyelashes have a normal life cycle when they are not used, if they are progressively longer, then they return to their usual cycle, they do not fall but as they exchange the eyelashes and if they stop feeding they will go back to their normality or previous status, provided it is not due to a specific problem.

Does it affect Pupils?

Some people say they can change the color of the eyes, darken them or tint the eyes, the products should not be applied inside the eye so it would be very difficult to darken them.

The Bimatoprost if it can slightly darken the line of application of the upper eyelid.

Can it produce allergy?

Yes, you can do allergy, but generally, these products are tested to avoid allergies. If we have delicate eyes or a tendency to have allergies, it is preferable to try them in an area such as the inside of the arm.

It could irritate the eyelid, cause redness or inflammation of the eye .



Can i use it with Eyelashes?

Yes, however, it is incongruous and it is no longer necessary to lengthen or stimulate the growth of new lashes if we carry extensions. On the other hand, we should know if the glue for artificial lashes is compatible with these products.

Precautions to take

  • It is important to read the instructions and precautions of the product that we are going to use.
  • It should not be used if you have an eye infection, conjunctivitis, blepharitis.
  • Neither should people with dry eye problems use them.
  • If the product has been applied and an infection of some kind has appeared immediately, the product should be discarded, as this may be a vehicle for another infection.

The products I have tested

The question would be, but do they really work? Is it true or are they a scam? I have tried some products. Of them I can say that Latisse works spectacularly, however, it is quite expensive, I with a container that is for a month I noticed a lot.

Another product that I have tried is that of the brand Apotcare Optilash, I love the presentation, the price is not exaggerated and I am confident that this developed by ophthalmologists, you notice the most nourished, hydrated lashes.

I have also tried Revitalash, the price is higher, however it can be combined with the mask, it also gives volume thanks to the peptides. It can be put as a single product or under the mask. Revitalash volumizing primer.

Vitry lash extender , is very well priced, but it also has fibers to give volume to the eyelashes, put on after the mascara and once applied it puts back the mascara, and the eyelashes look much longer and thicker.