Natural Remedies for Stronger Hair

The falling of hair is a natural process and it is different for different people. Hair loss in men and women has become common nowadays. It is said if there are about 100 hair fall in a day then do not worry, but if your hair loss is more than 100, then you must definitely do something. About 40-45 years of age, hair loss starts in men. But, in many [...]

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Minoxidil for Hair Loss

Nowadays, minoxidil is the most effective treatment on the market for hair loss , it is nothing new, it is a drug that has been used for a long time and started as a [...]

Home remedies to prevent hair loss

Hair is part of the physical attractiveness in both men and women . Most are constantly looking for shiny and abundant hair, as it improves the appearance and gives a better [...]

Products to lengthen and populate Eyelashes

We can consider that eyelash hypotrichosis is suffered when the amount of eyelashes we have is much less than what is considered normal, so it is always advisable to use [...]

The Gray Hair Guide

Maybe you have ever asked yourself why we get gray hair? What are they ? Well read this: Why its affected , What are the causes? As we get older, there is a progressive [...]

Why and How does the hair age? Our body ages with the passage of time, and our hair was not going to be less, logically, it also ages and the first signs of them are gray hair, [...]